Most of what will be posted here will center around my daily life which can vary in activity from day to day (see the About Me section below!). I decided to start this blog to document the creative process that is my life. Expect to see posts pertaining to all aspects of my daily life. Don’t be surprised to see posts involving pictures/rants about work related issues, progression shots and videos of artwork, vehicle projects, or even travel vlogs. Maintaining a ‘professional’ gallery is hard for me when there are so many great stories to tell behind each piece of art or each photograph, so this blog will help to document the ‘behind-the-scenes’ activities that take place. Thanks in advance for checking out the following links!

     -To view the more ‘professional’ gallery, check out @mercalli12

     -To view the Mercalli 12 Creative Corps website, check out m12.co


Hailing from the small town of Tuolumne in California’s Sierra Nevada’s, I strive to blend professional business with the natural and artistic world. My passion for the arts has led me to great achievements throughout my life. Earning my Eagle Scout award, coupled with my educational experiences, has allowed me to found a creative group: Mercalli 12 Creative Corps. The Mercalli 12 Creative Corps allows like-minded artists to share their art with each other. While the Mercalli 12 Creative Corps focuses on cultivating creativity throughout the community, the major goal of the group is to develop a culture of art in our small mountain town. On a personal level, my love of music and concerts, as well as design, has enabled me to create promotional material for many local venues and events.

Aside from running a creative group, I also drive a 40 foot, yellow box on wheels, occasionally filled to the brim with rowdy high school students. As a school bus driver, I have learned how to manage the unmanageable. Being responsible for so many lives has taught me a great respect for safety and protocol. My favorite part of driving a school bus is being able to see the students grow over the years.

During the months when I do not drive a school bus, I work as an Off Highway Vehicle Patrol Officer for the US Forest Service. While I like to consider myself a professional off-roader, my job responsibility goes far beyond cruising backroads and trails. I am responsible for the protection of the forest, as well as the safety of users and recreation enthusiasts. The greatest reward that comes from working as a Patrol Officer is the ability to share my knowledge of the forest with others.

While it may appear that I have a busy schedule, I always find time to focus on my family and my hobbies. Some of my hobbies include photography, working on my cars (a 1975 Dodge D100 and a 1990 Jeep Cherokee), attending local concerts, cartography, and traveling.


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