May 2019 Reading List!

Here’s what I read this month!

**If a book is asterisked, it was extremely noteworthy to me.**

The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America by Bill Bryson*

The Art of Thinking in Systems by Steven Schuster

Rethinking Narcissism by Craig Malkin

Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut

Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman*

Modern Family: Wit and Wisdom from America’s Favorite Family by the writers of Modern Family

So how many pages this month? 1747

How many so far this year? 10,838

But Aaron, what book was your favorite?

I really enjoyed Bill Brysons “The Lost Continent” since I really enjoy travelling. I also think it’s cool that he passes through Sonora and mentions his stay in this book. I am sad that he mentioned Mark Twain quite often during his stay in other locations, but he doesn’t mention anything about Angels Camp or Mark Twain’s cabin here in Sonora. Still an excellent read though.

I also enjoyed “Anansi Boys” by Neil Gaiman. The narrator for the audiobook was excellent and I am currently looking for more books that he has performed. The story was good too.

As Always…

I have listed the above books as Amazon affiliated links, so if you decide to buy a book using the above links, I may get a little kickback from Amazon.

I am also a proud Audible subscriber! Audio books are awesome, especially for those that might not have time to sit down and turn pages. If you want to sign up for audible click here! I get a little kickback for this as well, but I believe you get two free audio books if you start a trial!

If you use an e-reader like a kindle or your tablet, you can also get a free month of the Kindle Unlimited Membership plan by clicking here!

Let me know if you like this post and if you want to see more like it! If you have any questions about the books I posted, or want to discuss them with me, leave a comment!

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