2019:2:1//Session 2 Week 1

So week one of Session 2 is done! Here’s my weekly update:

Goal 1: Passive Income Book: I thought I had Word on my laptop, but apparently I don’t. I skimmed through the most recent version I had saved to my Google Drive folder, but it was only the introduction. I have the most recent copy, but I can’t open it on my laptop. I will have time tomorrow to use Ashley’s computer and convert it all to a Google Doc so I don’t have to worry about being restricted to Word from here on out. I’ll be honest, I tried to access this on day one, and when I couldn’t I sort of forgot about it.

Goal 2: Drone License/Website Finished: I found three potential locations to take the drone test, but haven’t called to ask for dates yet. I have not worked on the site.

Goal 3: FindX Final Plan: This is what I spent the most time working on. I added two potential locations and ideas, and I also settled on a way to mark each location. I am still sorting out exactly which feature to set at each location, but I’ll get a better grasp on this these next few weeks.


  • I did not get to workout/exercise all week.
  • I posted two vlogs.
  • I posted on the AARXNJAMES and Aerial Askew instagrams.
  • I neglected my logs.

So what went wrong this week? First, I had a bronchial spasm/collapse on Tuesday night so I spent most of that night at the ER, and the rest of the week sitting in bed sick. As far as working on my projects, I just couldn’t find enough energy to do anything but the vlogs, since I already have a decent workflow for editing those. Ashley still won’t let me overexert myself, but I am hoping to go on a short walk tomorrow. I am still fighting whatever it was that kicked my butt, but I’m hoping I can start doing more activities tomorrow.

Some cool things we did though: Finally got my hands on the Nikkor 10-20mm lens, snagged a Sony a7R, finished a handful of books, and submitted art to the Greater Good Zine.

How did your week go?


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