Session 1 Halfway Mark!

As we start the second half, or fourth week, of Session 1 let’s take some time to reflect on where we are with are session goals!

I’ll start it off:

Goal 1: Taskbook Start. My first goal was to begin my “Taskbook” which is a compilation of activities I am trying to do on a daily basis. For this session, my goal was to post content on Instagram every day ( I might have missed one or two days, but I know you can’t force content. I have already posted more frequently than I have in years past, so I feel that I am doing a decent job so far with this goal. I do need to focus on allocating more time on planning and editing posts so that I can spend less time stressing about what to post on a daily basis. I also have been able to allocate time to editing and publishing a weekly vlog, which is a weekly task in my Taskbook. I am actually ahead of schedule on this :).

Goal 2: Finish and Publish Website. By the end of week three I wanted to have a full site outline, the “about me” and “contact info” sections completed, as well as all the photographs and art pieces selected for each section of the site. I did some of this, but not to completion. I have an outline and know pretty much exactly what I want to do in terms of flow and design, but I have yet to select images. I was also able to complete some processes early, such as selecting and purchasing a domain to use as well as setting up an online store front. Still have quite a bit to do in picking out images and actually building the site.

Goal 3: CHP Fit Test. This will probably be the hardest goal for me to accomplish by the time I retest at the end of the year. I know I am out of shape, but I didn’t realize HOW out of shape I was until I self tested. I have researched decent workout programs that help others pass the test, and have actively used these programs these past three weeks. Some of those are just simple subreddits like 200situpsaday, or 100pushupchallenge, but I’ve also been trying to hike a new trail every week, and go for a walk every day. I self test the running portion of the test on Saturdays and Sundays at Sonora High, since this is the only place where I know for sure that the required distance is accurate. I feel like I am doing well so far with this goal during this session!

So there’s my progress report for the Session 1 halfway point. I encourage you to do a similar reflection so that you can see the progress that you have made in the past three weeks. Or maybe this might help you observe what you may need to change in order to hit you Session 1 goals! Either way, let me know what you have done well or are struggling with! I want to know how I can help you hit your targets!


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