2019 3×6 Session Information Post

2019 is almost here! Who wants to hop on the 3×6 train with me?

There will be 8 Work Sessions in 2019, and a 9th, Resting/Planning Session to end the year. Here are the dates for each session:

Prime: Now – 1/6

Session 1: 1/7 – 2/17

Session 2: 2/18 – 3/31

Session 3: 4/1 – 5/12

Session 4: 5/13 – 6/23

Session 5: 6/24 – 8/4

Session 6: 8/5 – 9/15

Session 7: 9/16 – 10/27

Session 8: 10/28 – 12/8

Reset/Prime: 12/9 – 1/5

I tried to line each session up with weekdays that match, so each session will be starting on Mondays and ending on Sundays. Because of this, Session 1 of 2019 will actually start on January 7th instead of January 1st. I figure this will provide some time to craft those ambitious New Years resolutions into session sized chunks before Session 1 officially starts.  

The end of the year (the Reset/Prime Session) will act as a means to sort out all eight sessions after the work is over! This should help with planning 2020’s goals as well.

I have been working on creating worksheets that will make it easier for goalseekers to follow along. I am hoping these worksheets will make it less of a hassle for me to provide a synopsis of each session as we work through the year. I am still putting the final touches on the worksheet packet/folder, but I plan to have those ready by January 1st so that we can hit the ground running when Session 1 starts. I am still unsure how to distribute the worksheets, but I’m still exploring options. 

Anyways, I am excited for this upcoming year and I am hoping we have 8 sessions of major productivity. Let me know if you are following along with your own goals!
-Aaron James

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