End of Session 7 and Session 8 Info

Well, Session 7 ended on October 21st! I made some good progress on some goals, and not so good progress on others, so here’s a synopsis of what went down.

What I finished:

  • Finished the Jeeps audio!
  • Submitted, and was featured on the cover of the Greater Good Zine.
  • Sold two commissioned pieces.
  • Shot some great photos at my first photoshoot.
  • Traveled on two fall color trips!
  • Actually used my drone more than five times.
  • Finished two new shirt designs!
  • Got promoted at work.
  • Hiked over twelve miles :o!
  • Spent way too much time playing Forza.
  • Started four new shirt designs.
  • And a whole buncha work related stuff!

Things to do in Session 8:

  • Sell my motorcycle.
  • Finish at least three vlogs.
  • Set up the Yoga Instagram.
  • Brain barf ideas for academic paper.
  • Revisit the Passive Income book I’ve failed to work on for the past three months.
  • Finish four new shirt designs.
  • Do two photoshoots.
  • Finish FS 2700 training.
  • Pierce my nipples?
  • Finalize ForestXFound plans.

Session 8 ends on December 2nd!



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