Session 7! (Maybe?)

Hey readers! Session 7 started September 10th! I thought my work season would be winding by the second half of Session 6, but it seems like work just keeps going and going. I usually get laid off around this time each year, but sometimes I get to work later into the fall and winter seasons. I’m not sure when I’ll be laid off, but I’ll be ready to kick butt on these goals once I do!

Even though I’ve been trudging along at work, I have been able to get some stuff done. The majority of the “goals” I’ve accomplished for these past few sessions have actually been work related, and some of them aren’t necessarily public information… yet. I’ll shed some light on the work related stuff after the season ends.

I’m nearly finished with installing the audio on my Jeep, it just seems like I rarely have time to dedicate to troubleshooting the work I’ve already done on it.

Anyways, I’ll continue working on the same goal list for Session 7, and we’ll see where I wind up either at the end of the session or when I get laid off!

End of Session 7: October 21st!


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