On the Greater Good Zine Cover

If you haven’t had the chance to snag a copy of the Greater Good’s zine, you are most definitely missing out on some of the best “underground” art and creativity Tuolumne County has to offer. As stated on the Greater Good site,

“The Greater Good is an ongoing collaboration between community members and their community. We live in an area rich with a culture that has yet to be celebrated. Not the decaying corpse of the Motherlode’s storied past, but the surging, pulsing life and creation that we produce everyday. The images we see, the stories we live, the music we love. Our life today, as we live it. Join us.”

When the zines are released, I usually snag a copy for myself from Winter’s Tavern, so imagine my surprise when I grabbed the Summer edition and saw my own art on the cover! This was the first time I submitted art to the zine, so I was ecstatic when the newest edition had my submitted piece as a full cover wrap! Be sure to grab a copy for yourself, or message me if you would like one (I snagged a few)!

I know some of you may have seen this on Instagram already, but I figured I should formally acknowledge this on my blog!


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