End of Session 5 & Session 6 Info

Hey readers! Session 5 ended July 29th, so Session 6 should have started July 30th. I guess it technically did, I just didn’t provide any updates. So here’s the update.

I didn’t finish what I wanted to for Session 5, and I also didn’t have time to come up with goals for Session 6. I’ve been extremely busy with work, home projects that aren’t goal related, and some other things that popped up. With that being said, my Session 5 goals will roll over into Session 6. The first half of Session 6 will probably be more of a break for me, but I’m hoping to make at least a little bit of progress on some of my goals by the end of the session. However, if I don’t, I probably won’t be too upset. I’m hoping I’ll get back on track during Session 7, since my work season will be winding down and the weather will be a bit cooler (I type these out on my patio). Anyways, for those that are following along, Session 6 ends on September 9th, 2018. Session 7 will start the day after!

Sorry for slacking!



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