Session 5! (Late Start)

Well, given my issues with Session 4, and the late start to Session 5, I have decided to extend the previous session’s goals into this session. If you want to continue following along, just click on the Session 4 blog to see what I’ll be working on.

However, since I did finish some of my “random tasks” I will add on to that list with the hopes of finishing all of them by the time Session 5 ends.

Here’s the list of tasks with the new additions included:

  • Finish the audio in the ZJ
  • Set up the hammock
  • Finish North Carolina and Salton Sea vlogs
  • Finish Highway 49 and 111 shirt designs
  • Finish the 30 Day Workout Challenge I started six months ago
  • Contribute to the Greater Good Zine
  • Contribute to 1340ART
  • Post my Jeep parts for sale
  • Finish the Jawbone Drone photoshoot
  • Transpose my reading journal into an Excel sheet
  • Finish Slick Rock stickers

Hopefully this session goes better than the last one!

I have until July 29th!


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