End of Session 4!

Well, Session 4 did not go as planned. I did accomplish some aspects of my goals, but I fell short in actually finishing them. So here we go…

Goal 4.1: Second Draft of Book Finished:

I had claimed that I wanted to finish the second draft, and I got close. I hit the 250 list item mark I had strived for, but I still have to finish tying everything together to make it substantial. The rest of the book is outlined and ready to be completed, but that still requires some time. Goal half accomplished.

Goal 4.2 Mountaineer Level Trailblazer Rank:

So I was pining to hit the Mountaineer level, which requires 25 badges and 18,000 points. I got 25 badges! But I only accrued 7,925 points. Apparently there are some project based courses on SalesForce that allow users to grab a ton of points, but the courses that I took did not have these project options. I am still happy that I got 25 badges, and working towards the Mountaineer rank is something I will continue to do when I have down time at the office! Goal not accomplished.

Goal 4.3 Assorted Tasks:

Guess what! I didn’t finish these goals either. So I set up a hammock, but had to take it down right afterwards as I need to find a new spot for it. I did apply to 10 different places. And I did nothing else on that list, although I did complete some other much needed tasks that were separate from the task list I gave at the beginning of Session 4. Here’s what else I did:

Fixed the weather stripping on the Mitsubishi

Switched from AT&T to Verizon

Got both AC units working my house

Started outlining my other books

Turned 27!

The rest of the items I did not finish will have to be added to next session’s goals.

Ready for Session 5?

I’m putting a little more thought into the next session since I’ve been slacking on actually accomplishing goals. I attribute this to a pretty demanding work schedule at the moment, but I need to manage the time I spend working on goals a little bit better. I guess we’ll see what happens.

Stay tuned for the start of Session 5!

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