2018 Session 4 Goals

I’m sorry this is a week late, but some stuff popped up that pulled me away from the computer, and whenever I had time to type something out, I just wasn’t feeling that I could deliver anything substantial. Buuuut, I’m here now, and I’m going to list off my Session 4 goals, even if they are a week late!

Goal 4.1 Second Draft of Book Finished:

I know this was a goal last time and I only progressed by inches, but I’m going to hammer this sucker out and make something really nice out of it. I have the first 50 pages really dialed in (to 1st draft standards) and the next 100 pages are there, but they need to be reorganized and structured in a way that makes it at least seem appealing to readers. I want to have at least 250 list items by the time the book is finished, and I am currently at 127. I’ll be satisfied once I hit 250 list items, or if I have a good structure that will accommodate the addition of more list items if I do not hit the 250 item mark.

Goal 4.2 Mountaineer Level Trailblazer Rank on Salesforce:

This is one of the courses I was researching when compiling my personal growth list in Session 3! The Trailblazer levels go all the way to the Ranger level, which requires the attainment of 100 badges and 50,000 points. Knowing my all-or-nothing attitude, I would love to hit the Ranger level, but given the shortened session, as well as finishing two other goals, I am opting to reach the Mountaineer level, which requires 25 badges and 18,000 points. I have already gotten 4 badges and 1600 points with minimal effort, so I have a feeling this goal will not be too difficult to complete. I am hoping I will be able to work on this while I am at work as well, since we typically have a decent amount of down time during our morning routines. I am hoping this is something that I can use to bolster my resume once I reach my desired level.

Goal 4.3 Assorted Tasks:

So I haven’t done something like this before, but I figured I might as well give it a shot. Instead of having a third goal that lasts the duration of the session, I have compiled a list of smaller goals (well, more like tasks) I want to finish before the end of the fourth session. While I do not expect to finish all of these, I will be happy if I finish at least four. These tasks are:

  • Finish the audio in the ZJ
  • Set up the hammock
  • Finish North Carolina and Salton Sea vlogs
  • Apply to 10 different places
  • Finish Highway 49 and 111 shirt designs
  • Design the Podcast sticker
  • Finish the 30 Day Workout Challenge I started six months ago

Lets Get Started!

So lets hope this Session is a little more productive than Session 3! I am getting a late start, but I feel that this is all manageable. This session will end on June 17th! Let me know if you guys are following along with your own goals. 🙂


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