Session 3 Finale!

Well, Session 3 is over! It honestly went by pretty fast. Here’s the after goal analysis!

Goal 3.1 Finish Editing the Vlogs:

I didn’t finish the North Carolina vlogs like I had hoped, but that is mainly due to the fact that I could not figure out how to break them up into good, story based videos. Instead, I focused on finishing the Southwest Adventure series and ended up with more episodes than I had originally planned. I still have one more to post in order for that series to be complete, but that video is already finished and ready to go! I’m going to go ahead and consider this goal accomplished.

Takeaways? Yes. When I vlog I need to consider the editing process so I don’t have to spend so much time cutting bits and pieces of clips out to make something worthwhile.

Goal 3.2 Personal Growth Lists:

I rocked this goal. I have quite an extensive list of different courses I want to take and groups I want to be a part of. While I would share my findings and my list with you guys, I am going to keep most of it quiet for now. Stay tuned though, because many of the courses will appear in the future as goals!

No takeaways here!

Goal 3.3 Second Draft of Book:

I dropped the ball on this goal. I failed to give myself enough of a guideline on where I should be at each point, and I fell into the trap of continuously adding on different ideas. I have plenty of content, but I’m at the point where I need to start cutting stuff out. This is going to be hard as I go forward with this book, but I am excited about the small amount of progress I was able to make during this session. While this goal was not accomplished, that is totally okay, as I feel better about going slow and giving good information versus speeding though the book for the sake of accomplishing a goal and fail to provide good information in the process.

Takeaway? Some things just take time.

Session 3 Conclusion:

I didn’t get that great of a response during the majority of this session. I am hoping I can be more inclusive during Session 4.

Anyways, Session 4 started this morning, and I still need to type out the Session 4 kickoff, so stay tuned for another post shortly!


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