Week 1 (Session 3)

Week 1 is… DONE!

Here’s a quick update on my goals after the first week.

Goal 3.1: Finish Vlog Editing

I got one finished, which is on track with my loose schedule. I’m really happy with it, even though we didn’t really explore a lot in some of these vlogs. If you want to check it out, here’s the link: https://youtu.be/ZY9lqYQFvUs

I’ve already started the next vlog and only have to add music to it, which I’m browsing while I type this update!

Goal 3.2: Personal Growth Lists

I have 16 items on my professional list so far. I found numerous organizations that offer dozens of classes, so I am trying to sort through all the classes that I might want to take. Some are really interesting, and some seem incredibly boring.

I found a YouTube channel for physical fitness, as well as an app. I am going to try them both for a week and see how I feel about them before I commit to using them.

Goal 3.3: Second Draft of Book Finished

I’ll admit, I’ve slacked on this goal. I haven’t really had time alone when I could just focus on typing for a solid hour straight, and I find it hard to make progress when I can’t solely focus on this type of project. I have worked on pulling together all the list items I have scattered about, but I’ll play catch-up once I have more alone time.

El Fin

So those are my goals. How are your goals going? I did not get much of a response the last time I posted, but I’m sure some people are still working on their goals. Let me know how yours are going!

Thanks for reading!


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