3×6 Goals Session 3!

The next 6 weeks is session 3 of 2018!

This session will run from today, March 26th, until May 6th! If you want to hop on board at any time, please do!

Here are my three goals for this 3×6 Session:

Goal 3.1: Finish Editing the Southwest and NC Vlogs

Goal 3.2: Personal Growth Lists

Goal 3.3: Second Draft of Book Finished

And as always, here are my Goal Outlines that I try to create for each goal:

Goal 3.1: Finish Editing the Southwest and NC Vlogs


Specific: I will finish editing and publishing the remaining five Southwest Vlogs and two North Carolina Vlogs by May 6th. This includes editing the accompanying pictures and promo clips for social media.

Measurable: I will have seven vlogs finished and uploaded by May 6th. I will measure weekly progress by finishing one video each week, and working on the seventh video intermittently throughout the entire session.

Attainable: I used to make one video a week, so by utilizing similar animations, logos, and title pages, making seven videos in a six week period will not be too difficult.

Relevant: If I want to attain my ultimate dream of never having to work, I have to start somewhere. While traveling is my biggest passion, at least right now, I have to find a way to make money while I travel. Vlogging is somewhat of a means to do that, and I already have a channel with a tiny bit of growth. I like my content, so I’m hoping I can share my adventures with others.

Time Constrained: I have a whole bunch of videos that I need to edit but I always find myself pushing the editing process further and further back. Given the parameters of this goal, I will feel constrained enough to make meaningful progress as I finish my goal in the next six weeks.

To-Do List

  • Create title slides
  • Create outros
  • Compile 35 pictures from my computer and Ashley’s computer
  • Create Video 1
  • Create Video 2
  • Create Video 3
  • Create Video 4
  • Create Video 5
  • Create NC Video 1
  • Create NC Video 2
  • Create promos for each video each week
  • Compile video descriptions for YouTube and Instagram
  • Publish vlogs on social


I’m not setting up a hard schedule for this goal, but I am going to try to have each video uploaded finished on Sundays and uploaded on Mondays for each week.


I have to use Ashley’s computer to make these videos, so I will only be able to work on them when Ashley isn’t working on her own projects. Render times might be an issue, but I will try to plan accordingly. I can’t really think of any hindrances for this goal.


I’m excited to share my trips with you guys!

Goal 3.2: Personal Growth Lists


Specific: I will have a list of 40 classes/certifications I can slowly work on and earn throughout the year, and I will have a set home-workout and stretch program I can follow throughout the next six months.

Measurable: Having the hard copy checklist of classes will show that I have finished the classes portion of this goal. Having set reminders to workout and stretch on my phone and on my door will show that I have finished the physical growth portion of this goal.

Attainable: Finding classes and making lists is much easier than actually physically taking part in the classes, so compiling the lists will be easily attainable for me. This is the same for the workout plan.

Relevant: In creating this list I will call professionals and hiring managers of well-known companies to ensure that the classes I add are relevant to the fields I am seeking and that they will provide the most information in exchange for the time I spend taking them. I know I have an MBA, which helps me discuss theories of business and all that fun stuff I don’t want to get into, but there are so many specified and detailed courses, you could go through ten MBA programs and never hear about some of the different certs that you might need. This goal is important because I want to bridge that gap, and make myself look better on paper. And the physical fitness aspect is obvious. I’m fat, but I’m also cheap, so home workouts are my go-to.

Time Constrained: I have to have a finished list within six weeks, or by May 6th, if that’s easier to understand. I have to have a set workout plan by May 6th.

To-Do List:

  • Research companies to call
  • Research different certifications
  • Create Excel document
  • Start compiling lists
  • Research different YouTube workout channels
  • Find two channels: one for stretching and one for working out


No schedule for this one. I just have to get it done!


Finding good free courses might be difficult, but there are plenty out there so it shouldn’t be too big of a problem. Finding a good YouTube channel for working out and stretching might be hard, and I might need to find weights or other workout equipment, but I’ll try my best to find a channel that uses body weight/resistance instead of equipment.


I’m excited to learn new things, as it always sparks other ideas in my head. I’m excited to share these ideas with you guys as they present themselves. During this session, I think this is the goal that I am the most excited for.

Goal 3.3: Second Draft of Book Finished


Specific: I will make the suggested changes from the first draft, and attempt to finish the lists in the second half of the book by May 6th.

Measurable: On top of presenting a fine tuned first section, I also want to have at least 200 list items by the time six weeks is up. This seems a little ambitious to me, but I feel that I can make it happen!

Attainable: The hard part of the book is mostly finished, so coming up with list items should be less arduous than anything I’ve done with the book so far. I feel that I can attain this.

Relevant: Finishing the second draft will push me one step closer to my broad goal of making a book, and  few steps closer to becoming a renowned author!

Time Constrained: If I don’t put a time limit on this, I’ll be finding list items for eternity. I have six weeks to produce this second draft, so it will be finished by May 6th.

To-Do List:

  • Whole lotta writing
  • Whole lotta editing
  • Compile a list of changes I need to make to the first draft
  • Rewrite to accommodate for those changes
  • Pull together all the list items I have floating around
  • Develop examples for each page or every other page
  • Polish the draft so it looks finalized


  1. For Weeks 1-3
    1. Week 1: compile the constructive criticism I’ve recieved and rewrite the first section of the book with the necessary changes.
    2. Week 2: Write
    3. Week 3: Write
  2. For Week 4-6
    1. Week 4: Compile all the list items and list ideas I have
    2. Week 5: Create examples to go with list items
    3. Week 6: Polish the book off so it looks finalized


I’ve been rolling well with this book so far. I do not foresee any major issues arising that will prevent me from accomplishing this goal.


I have a friend that just published their first book, so I am getting really excited to finish mine and have it out there for the world to read!

These are just rough outlines. I feel that I spent a ton of time crafting last sessions outlines, but I did not really gain anything from the extra work I put into them. These are just rough, and it’s okay if your’s are even less detailed. Do whatever works for you. 3×6 Goals work best when they are manageable, so make sure you do not overwork yourself, or nitpick to much.

If you have any questions, DO NOT HESITATE to email me @ aarxnjames@gmail.com. I would be happy to help you in whatever way I can.

What are your goals for the next six weeks? If you want, join the Accomplish Everything! Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/336202766892366/

Thanks for reading!


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