2018 Session 2 Review

Documenting goal setting doesn’t make much sense unless there is some form of review or “lessons learned” at the end. These can be really in-depth, or extremely short. This aspect of goal setting requires a backwards look into what went right, what went wrong, and anything in between. This is not a goal-by-goal analysis, but a look at the overall six week session.

So here’s my Review.

For my six week session, I did quite a bit more traveling than I had planned. This left me with almost two full weeks where I could get nothing done. I had though I could work on some goals while I was flying and driving around, but I was way too exhausted. For the next goal setting session, I need to plan out my travel plans a little better, or not be so down on myself when I stray from the to-do lists I set up.

On that note, the detailed to-do lists I created for myself did not help me. People always make jokes about setting schedules so you can ignore them and g off track, and those sayings are true. While the to-do list helped to guide me from task to task, the thought of weekly deadlines was somewhat daunting, especially after I spent the first two weeks traveling and falling behind. Perhaps this would be different if I did not do so much traveling in the beginning, as I would begin my session on track, but who really knows. For the next session, I won’t create such a detailed spreadsheet for each goal. I’ll still do a to-do list, but it won’t be nearly as polished as the previous spreadsheets were. If the spreadsheets work for you, then by all means keep doing them! They just didn’t work for me with this past session.

I was fortunate to be able to get a bunch of work done while I was house sitting for about a week and a half. This allowed me to finish the rough draft of my book and outline the majority of my website. If I didn’t have that time, I would have been even further behind.

So that’s it! If you choose to review your session, you can do something kind of like this. Hopefully your session was as fruitful as mine.

Here’s to Session #3!



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