2018 Goals 2.1-3 Finished!

As of seven minutes ago, my deadline has passed! While I am officially going to claim that my three goals for this six weeks are finished, it took some major work and minor tweaking to accomplish them.

So here’s the rundown as I hit the end of this 3×6 cycle:

Goal 2.1: Online Presence

Initially, I wanted my online footprint to be as complete as possible, but during the course of this goal, I realized that my idea of “completeness” was flawed. The web is changing daily, and my presence must follow these changes. Also, some things, such as making connections on LinkedIn, take much more time than anybody can figure out. So, I made my online presence as good as I could, and also made it so it could be easy to change in the future. I was able to find a good headshot for my LinkedIn page, I updated everything on my YouTube page, and most importantly, I have all the links on my site working. While some of the pages are still under construction, I will be able to update them as I find time to take product shots, pricing plans, and original prints. These activities could have been accomplished during this goal cycle, but I wanted to ensure that I had the correct information and pictures before I rushed into creating a site. I did the majority of the hard work in setting up a structure that I could use for future updates, and I am happy with that.

As for the professional services site, I am still working on developing an actual business plan for the services I plan to offer and the name I plan to do business as. With business, some things can’t be rushed, and this developmental aspect is one of those things that I want to sit on for a bit longer before I start purchasing domains and drafting plans. I also want to finish my book before I have a fully fledged professional website. More on that in the next section…

Goal 2.2: Rough Draft of First Book

This goal is the one I spent the most time on by far. While writing this blog post, I currently have 41 pages of hard text and 60 list items for the first list section. I ditched the idea of a rating system, but I might come back to that after I finalize my lists. Instead of a rating system, I broke up my lists into three parts that follow the three business models of passive income. This allowed me to spend a little more time separating different strategies, and it follows a more accepted principle of passive income discussion. While I realize that the whole book was not finished for this first draft, most of the list items I plan to include are already part of a second document, and I am continuously adding list items almost hourly.

For peer review, I was able to have one extremely good writer go over my hard text and offer suggestions. I plan to include those suggestions on my second draft.

Most of the other, more broad, feedback I received was positive, and I am excited to move forward with what I have as I craft a second draft and continue finding list items.

Goal 2.3: Collaborate with 3 Others

I addressed this in previous posts, but I will say it again. Motivating others is difficult. I am pretty high energy when I plan and go on trips. This type of energy is hard to pass on to others (or maybe I’m seeking out the wrong people), so I did not find a ton of success here. I was able to squeeze in one more photo trip since the last update, but it was not much of a collaboration and more of a field trip. I did another episode of the secret project I mentioned prior, and I am excited to clue everyone in on that, but it will still have to wait.

This type of goal is something that I am going to continuously work on, even if I do not list it as part of my 3 goals for each cycle. I need to work on motivating others to go on these kinds of trips, so hopefully I can find success with this at some point.

So there it is. Another cycle down for 2018! I am happy with what I’ve accomplished, but I can see where there is room for obvious improvement. Stay tuned for a blog post detailing some minor changes I will be making to how I record and plan for these goal cycles.

As always, I would love to hear some feedback! Let me know if these posts help you out or if there is anything you would like to know, or would like me to change that might help you as you accomplish your goals!

I am excited for the next cycle that will be starting on March 26th!


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