2018 Goals 2.1-3 Final Week!

This is it! The final week of the 6 week session!

Here’s where I stand with my three goals as of right now:

Goal 2.1: Online Presence

I started out strong with this, but I still have some work to do. I was able to update the majority of my online accounts, and I have my site outlined and mostly put together. I still need to finish my personal statement to be used on LinkedIn, but I am still hoping to hear back from some peers with their guidance. If I do not hear back by my due date, I will use what I have.

I have also decided to take a nice headshot picture to use on my LinkedIn, and I will do that this week.

On my site, I ran into a few issues with the webstore tasks, as I have yet to gain approval for my final items I will be selling. This might make or break this goal, but I am hoping I receive news of acceptance this week.

Goal 2.2: Rough Draft of First Book

Whew! This is the goal I spent the most time one. I was able to finish the first drafts of the sections I listed on my spreadsheet, and I have also completed 47 list items in the first segment alone! I had to switch up the ordering system I originally planned and came up with a new one based on PI models rather than the symbolized categories I was considering. I am happy with this change so far, but I might go back and change it up again. This is the first draft, after all. I had numerous people asking to preview what I had, but only one person got back to me (Thanks Jackie!) with an in-depth critique. Of course, this leads me to more work this upcoming week as I try to add in her suggestions and compile more list ideas. I think I’ve done good on this goal so far.

Goal 2.3: Collaborate with 3 Others

This goal has been an issue. While I claimed that I might have issues upfront, I did not realize how hard it would be to get people motivated to create. Let alone create together. I was able to collaborate with a producer that is creating some scene specific songs for me, or at least I hope he is: I havent heard from him in three weeks. I was also able to collaborate with a friend on a secret project but I can’t go into details yet. I am still looking for a third person to do something this week, so if you want to come hang out and drive around with me, let me know!

I was hoping I could do photovlogs or photo adventures with these collaborations, but I am happy with what I got. Maybe next session I will have more of a response.

So there it is. Week 5 is almost over, and as we march into week 6 I have to remember to come up with another three goals for the next session. Here’s to a productive final week!

Thanks for reading. As always, feel free to email me or comment below with any questions you may have.


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