2018 Goal 2.1-3 Progress Report


Mistakes were made…

Well, I felt like this was going to happen and it did. I’m behind on all of my goals by about a week and a half.

I was not able to get any work done while I was in North Carolina, which does not surprise me, but still disappoints me.

Anyways, I find that it helps to recognize what went wrong and try to remedy those problems if they pop up in the future. While I would go in extreme depth on these issues if I could, I think I should be spending more time focusing on catching up, so my issues will be brief.

Issue 1: Too much stuff going on. 

We were gone for a week, but it feels like it was more like a month with all the packing and planning that went into our trip. When we got back, we had to instantly deal with a photography show that Ashley is a pretty large part of. We also had to deliver hay, finish some things up at my mom’s school, and of course, get over this silly jet lag.

Issue 2: No work got done during our trip.

I overestimated the amount of downtime I would have while on our trip, and because of our hectic schedule, I got some great vlog footage, but I did not have any time to actually work on my three goals. I thought I would also have time to think about some of goal 2.1 and goal 2.2, but I found myself entirely too excited about our next destinations to even think about my goals.

Issue 3: Some goals changed a little bit.

Goal 2.2 seems to evolve every time I sit down to type. This time I added an extra ten pages that I might end up deleting. I also opened a can of worms by putting too much of an emphasis on developing a SWOT analysis. While I do not want to take this out of the book, it will require some extra work as I create good examples of my evolved version of a SWOT analysis.

Well then, 

I am sure I could go on and on about how to fix these problems and how to prevent them from happening again, but I do not want to waste any more time focusing on what I should have done these past two weeks. I have four weeks to complete my three goals, and I am going to spend the rest of tonight making some headway.

Let me know if these kinds of blogs are helping you out!



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