Rough Draft of First Book (2018 Goal 2.2)

I didn’t mean to scare anybody off with my last post, so as promised, here is a more accurate depiction of a 3×6 Goal Plan.


2018 Goal 2.2 Rough Draft of First Book

Goal Details

Complete a working first draft of my first book. While the title is still being decided, the content is already concrete. While I do not expect to have a final, published copy (maybe during Round 3!) I do want to have the intro and principle rich sections finished, as well as a skeleton outline of the following content. Because of the topic, the book is more of a curated list, and given the nature of lists, they always seem to grow. My goal is to have at least fifty list items categorized and organized within the outline.

SMART Goal Statements

  1. SPECIFIC: I will have a working rough draft of my first book finished by March 25th. This rough draft will include the introduction, business principles section, and at least fifty different list items categorized via my own categorical system.
  2. MEASURABLE: I will measure my progress by finishing at least fifteen list items each week for four weeks, and spending two weeks finishing the introduction and business principles sections. I will have at least fifty different list items by March 25th, 2018.
  3. ACHIEVABLE: I have already outlined and started the first two sections of the book, so two weeks to finish this is more than enough. The list items I am compiling do not necessarily need a great amount of detail, as they are mainly ideas. It will probably take me fifteen to thirty minutes to write about each topic, requiring anywhere between 12.5 and 25 hours be spent throughout the four weeks I allocated for this task. This should be feasible with my timeline.
  4. RELEVANT: My ultimate goal is to have this completely polished and published before I start back at work (my real job) in May. Expediting the process will ensure that I have enough time to make corrections and add more information if needed before I go back to work.
  5. TIME LIMITED: The six week period ends on March 25th, so this goal must be completed by that date. I estimate that it will take at most 40 hours to finish the rough draft, which includes coming up with a categorizing system and determining a good flow for the list topics, as well as finishing the introduction and business principles section.

To-Do List

  • Introduction
    • Establish credibility
    • Develop a better hook
    • Add real world examples
  • Business Principles and how they Relate to Passive Income
    • Introduce 5 Principles
    • Create/Give something of value
    • Want/Need for it
    • Right Price
    • Satisfies expectations
    • Profitable/Sustainable
  • Passive Income Disclaimer
    • Seed money
    • Time and involvement
    • Payout
    • Bubbles
  • Introduce category and symbol system
    • Develop system and find clipart for it
    • Come up with a scale for each symbol
    • Break each type of income into a type/category
  • List Items
    • List out fifty different list items
    • Categorize them
    • Give the PIUG explanation


2018 Goal 2.2 Spreadsheet


I think the hardest aspect of this goal for me will be narrowing down the business principles I want to discuss. There are tons of different business ideologies that go into making money, and as someone who has studied this for some time, it is hard to decide which ones are the most important to discuss. I will remedy this by having laymen review what I write in this section so that I ensure I do not go overboard in discussing these topics.


This six week cycle is going to be great with this goal. I will have plenty of time to write about my list items and I am hoping I will get enough done that I will not have to work extra hard during the next round!

As always, thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at!


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