Web Presence Overhaul (2018 Goal 2.1)

***NOTE: This is somewhat long winded, but I explain the process of selecting and planning goals and the actions it takes to accomplish them. If you want a shorter version, stay tuned for tomorrows post!

As I discussed in yesterdays blog detailing the three goals I chose for round two, here is an extended look and *hopefully* finalized plan for 2018 Goal 2.1, Web Presence Overhaul! I post these so that other goal seekers can see the process that I have found success with. I feel that putting a to-do list and schedule together help to reiterate the importance of using a S.M.A.R.T. system, and having everything lined up on a schedule also ensures that goals follow the S.M.A.R.T. guidelines.

The following is the basic template I use in planning and implementing goals.


For those that are wondering, SMART goals are goals that Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Limited. Using the SMART system to plan for goals is extremely easy, as it is simple to ask yourself “Is my goal Specific, Measurable, etc…”. Just asking those questions will help goal seekers immensely. Remember to translate each question into a statement in order to motivate yourself, and give you a mission statement sort of guideline. The following are my explanations and justifications of how the Web Presence Overhaul goal fits the SMART guidelines.

  1. SPECIFIC: I will update all of my online accounts (Facebook, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress, and Website) to have the most recent, relevant, and professional information about myself and what I do.
  2. MEASURABLE: In order to measure success and achievement for this goal, I will have three peers go through and independently critique each account. When they have no further critiques, I will have achieve this goal.
  3. ACHIEVABLE: Setting up website accounts does not take a ton of physical labor or any real time consuming tasks. This is something that could be done in a single day, but I want to be extremely thorough and I want to focus on presenting myself as best as possible.
  4. RELEVANT: This is pretty obvious for someone that does the majority of their creating online and through web platforms. If I fail to have good sites and good media accounts, I do not feel confident in promoting myself. This is something that EVERYBODY should do, whether they are actively online or not.
  5. TIME LIMITED: I have until March 25th to finish this. While keeping the sites updated is more of an ongoing task, everything should be polished by the end date.

To-Do List 

In creating a to-do list, I find it helpful to list every single item that needs to be done in order to accomplish my goals. Sometimes I try to get them in chronological order, but sometimes I find myself just shoving ideas on paper. Either way works as long as the major measurable components of the goal are there. So here’s my to-do list:

  1. Write individual bios for each personality
    1. Professional with educational history. Short and Long Version
    2. Creative with portfolio links and testimonies. Short and Long Version
    3. Social for social sites
  2. LinkedIn
    1. Get headshot for profile picture
    2. Edit a more professional header image
    3. Tailor professional bio for profile
    4. Edit Resume for general use on profile
    5. Sort out Title and Current position
  3. Facebook Groups
    1. Completely structure the group
    2. Group description
    3. Call to action
    4. Header and Group picture
    5. Outreach
  4. WordPress
    1. Fix website style/theme
    2. Connect it to more social accounts
  5. YouTube
    1. Edit banner
    2. Fix Bio
    3. Set up video playlists
  6. Online Portfolio Business
    1. Find references
    2. Create CV
    3. Figure out where to place this stuff
  7. Online Porftolio Creative
    1. Find Testimonials
    2. Select favorite works
    3. Figure out where to place this stuff
  8. Website
    1. Finish webstore
      1. Finalize last 2 designs- Floyd and Hwy 49
      2. Sort out the different store segments – Art, Prints, Shirts, Stickers
    2. Make section for Portfolios
      1. Make background design
      2. Maybe purchase professional URL
      3. Have it link from other sites
    3. Make contact form and call to action
  9. Critique
    1. Find three people who want to share input
    2. Listen to critique
    3. Make necessary changes


I typically try to create my to-do list in an order that makes sense chronologically, but in cases like this, where there is a ton of smaller, more time consuming aspects to the list, the to-do list just becomes a mess of items. In cases like this, I make a spreadsheet schedule of all the items, and then I add dates to when I think items can, or should be, accomplished within the six week period. I then organize the spreadsheet by Finish Dates so that it flows well. Here is the spreadsheet for this goal:

2018 Goal 2.1 Spreadsheet

While it may look like a ton of work for six weeks, it really isn’t, as each one of these items might only take ten minutes. The dates are not concrete, but more like guidelines, and when one task becomes too overbearing, they can always be moved around. However, given the nature of some tasks, some activities do need to be finished before others can be started. Keep this in mind when setting up a schedule.


There will always be obstacles in the way of completing tasks, but the best way to deal with these problems is to confront them head on. When I confront problems, I always spend time thinking about what the real problem is and how I can correct it. If I can’t correct a problem, I try to facilitate the problem as best as I can.

As an example for this goal, I fully admit that I have a hard time deciding on and committing to personal statements and biographies, especially when they are supposed to sound professional. This is the biggest obstacle for me and because of this, I dedicated an entire week to the sole task of coming up with professional and creative bios for myself. This is also the week where I will be traveling, which gives me plenty of time to brainstorm over potential phrases and items to include.

The feeling of accomplishment while achieving goals stems from overcoming obstacles that might have led to failure.


I understand that this was long winded and probably more than enough information to chew on, but I hope this helps you out as you sort out the goals you want to accomplish. I hope this gives you a good glance at what it takes to come up with a plan that will actually lead to results.

If you have any questions pertaining to anything that I have written here, please do not hesitate to email me at aarxnjames@gmail.com. I want to offer as much help as I can.

Stay tuned for a condensed run-through of my 2018 Goal 2.2 tomorrow!


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