3×6 Goals Round 2 (Feb 12-Mar 25)


Here’s another round of 3×6 goals for this year! This cycle actually started on February 12th and runs through March 25th, but I am somewhat late in posting (sorry!). This rounds goals have been somewhat hard to choose, since I had quite a few options and am overly ecstatic about accomplishing things. I am doing at least two weeks worth of traveling during these dates, so I decided to choose goals that were less time consuming, but still extremely important. I will post detailed to-do lists over the next few days, but for now, here are the goals in short. Remember, goals have to be SMART!

2018 Goal 2.1

Complete and finish the overhaul of my web presence. Finishing my website was one of my goals for the previous 3×6 goal rounds, and in that process, I opened up a major can of worms regarding LinkedIn and Facebook and what to title myself. I tried my best to come up with something that captures the essence of ME, but I failed. During this round, I want to polish everything off and make sure that I am putting my best foot forward online through all forms of social media.

2018 Goal 2.2

Complete a working first draft of my first book. While the title is still being decided, the content is already concrete. While I do not expect to have a final, published copy (maybe during Round 3!) I do want to have the intro and principle rich sections finished, as well as a skeleton outline of the following content. Because of the topic, the book is more of a curated list, and given the nature of lists, they always seem to grow. My goal is to have at least fifty list items categorized and organized within the outline.

2018 Goal 2.3

I am thirsty for content, and while traveling with my girlfriend is always a blast, we both agree that we need to make more friends and  incorporate more people into our lives. This is especially true when it comes to going on photo adventures and travel vlogging. For this goal, I want to go on adventures and collaborate with at least three different people. While this may seem easy to most, this will probably be the most difficult goal for me, but we’ll see where it leads us.


So with every round of goal setting and achievement, there will always be some obstacles to overcome. With this round, I really think that time spent traveling will be a huge hindrance, as my time to accomplish goals is reduced to about four weeks instead of six. Like I already stated, I tried to plan for goals that would help to accommodate a more hectic six week period, but we will see how well I planned on March 25th! Stay tuned for more in-depth explanations and outlines of my goals in the next few days!

Thanks for reading! As always, if you have any questions pertaining to anything you see here, feel free to email me!



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