Daily Prompt: Enroll

via Daily Prompt: Enroll

Around this time last year, I was just starting the MBA program at West Texas A&M University. I had enrolled in courses in the fall 2016, and was accepted to attend in the spring of 2017. Of course, being the ultimate busy body and over-worker that I am, I finished the entire MBA by the middle of November, completing all courses in exactly 300 days.

I am not proud of this.

While I am sure that in some future scenario, I will look back on my education and think highly of what I’ve accomplished, I am currently regretting ever enrolling in any courses after high school.

Here’s why:

During high school, I had a part time job working under an amazing man that was a true jack of all trades. He had a journeyman knowledge of all things construction, automotive, and electrical. I worked under him for about 3-4 years, where we completely remodeled, and in one instance rebuilt, every home and outbuilding at the camp and conference center that we worked at. After performing all this work, there was a shift in leadership and the new camp director, for whatever reason, decided that the maintenance department needed to lose a few workers, and we were both let go.

During this time I had developed a dream and passion for being an electrician. I wanted to go to a trade school where I could join IBEW and get a job wiring new houses, or even wiring cars or commercial machinery. After we were both let go, I started attending Columbia College, since I had no money to attend a trade school, and I was always taught that “school loans were bad”. From there, I fell into the educational whirlwind of trying to get the right classes to meet the particular prerequisites, trying to sort out a schedule that would work with my newest part time job, and just trying to maintain a decent GPA, all while trying to sort out what I would want to do instead of becoming an electrician. I eventually left Columbia College with a hand full of associate degrees, none of which I use on a daily basis. I saved up enough cash to pay for most of the tuition required to get a bachelor degree at CSU Stanislaus, which was still remarkably cheaper than attending a trade school. After graduating with a bachelors, I couldn’t help but feel like I needed to learn more about business if I wanted to make a career in the business field. I opted to get an MBA, since most businesses seem to swoon over those with such a high level of education. I thought that I would learn what was needed to work and find success at a higher level.

I was wrong.

I came away from the MBA program with a greater understanding of why people become anti-capitalist. I understand why people feel so hopeless in today’s business world. I get the whole concept of feeling worthless in our society. I came away with a distaste for how business works in the upper echelons of management.I do not want to get into it in this blog, since any discussion passed this point will sound like either whining or complaining, but I might make a podcast or video detailing the lack of sustainability in today’s business world at some point in the future.

I want to help people. I don’t want to make a quick buck off of them.

While I regret my MBA experience, I do not regret earning an MBA. Looking back, I wish I had done more to make a concrete plan so that I could have worked towards an end goal that was more aligned with my life goals.

Even though I am not actively applying for management positions anywhere, I am still putting my MBA to use. I plan on releasing three books this year detailing a plethora of business topics that focus on helping out the little guys. I understand their hopelessness, and I want to give them a leg-up while they work to compete against the giants of today’s market. I’ll discuss more of this in a future blog.

I’m sorry if this was long winded and more of a rant than a story, but this idea has been weighing heavy on my mind over the course of the previous months. I appreciate all the support that I have received and am extremely grateful for the support I will receive in the future.

Sorry for the rant,


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