“Not-So-Spring” Cleaning: Online Presence Goals Checklist

As some of you may know, especially if you talk to me on a weekly basis, I am a huge advocate for 3×6 goal setting. 3×6 goal setting is basically the idea of accomplishing three goals over the course of a six week time span. I will write a blog (or book!) detailing the concepts and ideas behind this goal setting system sometime in the future, but for now, I am just going to discuss one of the goals that I set for myself, as it pertains to the majority of my online presence.

My first goal for the six week segment was to advance and “finish” my online presence. By advance, I mean to cover more media outlets, or at least become more involved on different platforms. By finish, I mean to actually have sites and profiles that I don’t have to continuously fret over and stress about finishing. I want them to be polished and live.

So here’s a breakdown of what that process involves:

Advancing Web Presence

  1. Find username to span across all platforms. (AARXNJAMES)
  2. Figure out which platforms will be most advantageous to use. (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, WordPress, FineArtAmerica, etc.)
  3. Create list of tags and keywords from a SEO keyword site.
  4. Develop personal statements and autobiographies for short, medium, and long length descriptions.
  5. Update profile design to include a similar header and profile picture throughout all platforms.
  6. Designate and schedule at least one day each week for maintenance such as uploading new pictures to photo galleries, making corrections and updates, and checking platform analytics.
  7. Set aside at least 15 minutes every day for each individual platform in order to upload new, daily content, reply to messages, and perform basic outreach.

“Finishing” Online Presence

  1. Develop domain name. (aarxnjames.com)
  2. Figure out a site map/flowchart.
  3. Create graphics to be used for the site, such as background images, buttons, and all that fun, nitty gritty stuff that takes way too long.
  4. Edit site and make sure it works across different mediums like tablets, phones, and typical PC’s.
  5. Determine course of action for web store and selling section.
  6. Figure out how to go about selling products without an actual online store.
  7. Finish shirt and sticker designs for web store.
  8. Ensure FineArtAmerica site is updated with proper AARXNJAMES information.
  9. Set up a contact form for special edition prints and originals.
  10. Set aside 15 minutes each week to ensure all links work and to update if needed.


I started this 3×6 cycle on January 1st, so I have until February 11th to complete this goal (as well as the other two I set for myself), so I have yet to finish, but the end is in sight.

For the first part, Advancing Web Presence, the only remaining steps I have to complete are steps 3, 4, and 5. These steps are harder for me because I am somewhat undecided on which direction I want to take as far as the AARXNJAMES brand goes.

For the second part, “Finishing” Online Presence, I have finished almost everything except the online store. I am still debating the use of different selling channels. As an example, to buy prints one would have to go through FineArtAmerica, shirts would be sold through Amazon, and I would personally fulfill specialty prints, stickers, and originals.  This is the simplest way to do this in terms of setting up the stores and fulfilling orders, but I realized that this is also the least appealing to customers that might want to purchase multiple items in one order. I’m still debating this, but in the meantime, I am finishing up the ten shirt designs I want to sell, and I have already created a contact form for those wanting to buy special edition prints.

Anyways, for this goal, I still have some legwork to do before I will be able to slap the DONE stamp on it, but I am getting there.

If you want to check out the site as it stands, you can see it here: AARXNJAMES.com

Thanks for bearing with me as I clean up my web presence and make it easier for viewers and readers to enjoy my content.

If you have any questions about 3×6 goal setting or anything else I have written about in this blog, feel free to comment below!




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