Silhouette Prompt

Silhouette is the daily prompt for today. While I could use “silhouette” in many different ways, as the term relates to the majority of everything I do, whether it’s art, photography, cartography, or videography, when I first saw the word silhouette for the daily prompt, I did not think of any of those activities that have engulfed my daily life. My first thought was of the Silhouette Cameo that I purchased second hand from one of my old college classmates that originally bought it for crafting.

Of course, crafting is something that my girlfriend used to do occasionally, but it seems that as people become a couple, the crafting comes to somewhat of a halt, and what were once crafting ideas become future honey-do-list items. Fortunately, I have not been tasked with cutting out scrapbook paper or anything of that nature. My Silhouette was purchased with the intent of cutting vinyl to be used as stickers; I snagged myself a sticker cutter. While I have cut dozens of stickers already, I have yet to make the effort to sell any. This is something that has been difficult for me as I have a hard time asking people for money when it is my own product that I am selling. With that being said, if you want to buy some sweet AARXNJAMES stickers, let me know!

Despite my rambling, when I saw the daily prompt, I was instantly reminded that I needed to cut some stickers, using my Silhouette Cameo, for my girlfriend, as she just finished up a contest on her art page and a sticker was one of the prizes.

So thank you, Daily Prompt, for reminding me that I actually need to complete a project tonight.



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