Mercalli 12 CC Emblem

I spent some time today revising the profile picture for the Mercalli 12 instagram (@Mercalli12). I feel like there are too many simple white on black (and vice versa) logos floating around instagram, especially with IG’ers doing the same thing I’m trying to do, so the traditional C-Wrap logo wouldn’t work for me. I also wanted to give a small taste of color that could demonstrate the high-contrast images I typically post. The original profile picture (Mono Lake Tufas) that I was using had been up for quite some time, but I liked it because it represented the majority of what my posts are like. After some playing around and some creative wizardry, I came up with a combination of images that, I feel, adequately represents the Mercalli 12 Creative Corps.

The creative wizardry that went in to the new logo involved cutting out the upper half of the business card so that the C-Wrap logo could be placed on top of the Mono Lake Tufas photo. After cutting the white of the logo out, I resized it and smoothed the edges in Photoshop so that it would match the circle outline of the photograph. After aligning the logo in the center of the image, I selected the outline of the logo and then used that selection to invert the original photo. After the C-Wrap logo was inverted into the original image, I felt that it needed a little more to make the logo stand out. I opened a new document and dragged C-Wrap logo into it. I used the layer styles to put a stroke on the image so that it looked like the image below. Then I inverted is so that the outline of the logo was white.

I selected the white outline and dragged it over the inverted area of the Mono Lake Tufas image. Once it was lined up, it still looked a little funky. I decided the image was too flat, and I wanted the outline of the logo to pop out a little bit more as if it were embossed. I understand that I could have used the bevel and emboss feature in the layer styles section of Photoshop, but I couldn’t decide how deep I wanted the logo to look, and the wider parts of the logo, such as the serifs, were too bubbled up. After some experimenting, I decided to add a drop shadow instead.

After a few more adjustments, such as starting completely over and smoothing the edge of the logo out even more, I was finally happy with the logo. While it may still be a little difficult to read as a tiny thumbnail, I feel that it is a good representation of what Mercalli 12 is and what viewers can expect to see.

Without further rambling, here is the final logo for the Mercalli 12 Creative Corps instagram, at least for now…

M12CC Emblem 4

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